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Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

Rav Ron Yitzchok Eisenman has lead Congregation Ahavas Israel since 1997.

His warmth, charisma, and active involvement in community issues have not only enabled the Shul to grow significantly, but also made him a beloved Rav in the entire Passaic-Clifton community.

Rav Eisenman successfully disseminates Torah through both the oral and written word.
His Short Vort is read nationwide and abroad.

His bi-weekly column for Mishpacha Magazine has become a Shabbos staple for thousands of families worldwide.

Under his leadership the Shul has grown from one Shacharis Minyan to over forty minyanim daily, beginning at 6 AM until Midnight.

Born in Brooklyn, he is a musmach of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchanon and learned at many Yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel.

After learning in Kollel for six years and receiving Smicha Yoreh Yoreh from Rav Yosef Dov Soleveitchik, Ztz”l and Yadin Yadin from the Kollel L’dayanus at RIETS, he began his career serving the Jewish community.

Rabbi Eisenman first taught at the Manhattan Talmudic Academy in Washington Heights. From there, he taught for over a decade at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey.
Concurrently, he became the Rav of the Ahavas.
Rabbi Eisenman has taught at Bruriah High School for Girls (Elizabeth, NJ), Bais Yaakov of Passaic High School for Girls, Ateres Bais Yaakov (Monsey, NY), and as an adjunct professor in Judaic Studies at Lander College for Women in Manhattan.

He is a sought-after speaker and scholar-in-residence, lecturing in many communities throughout the metropolitan area, country and globe.
He has been a scholar in residence in Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, Memphis, Chicago, St. Louis, West Orange, Staten Island, Lawrence and Brooklyn.                                                                                                                               He has been a guest speaker in numerous Shuls in New Jersey.

Rabbi Eisenman has delivered Shiurim/lectures in Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig, Germany, having been invited by the German Jewish community to teach and inspire local Jews.
Rabbi Eisenman has also taught and lectured in Vilna, Lithuania and Baku in Azerbaijan.

Rabbi Eisenman is an accomplished author who is a contributor to Mishpacha and he has released three books to date:

Elephant In The Room The Elephant in the Room: Torah, Wisdom, & Inspiration for Life
 October 2011



For Everything a Time For Everything a Time – A Journey Through the Year
 May 2013







Shul With a View Shul With a View – A rabbi’s personal journal
 August 2018






Rabbi Eisenman is also involved in many local and national communal organizations and has spoken at many public events and forums dealing with a plethora of subjects, including abuse, child safety and spousal discord.

He has resided in Passaic, NJ for almost thirty years, together with his Rebbetzen Yehudis (nee Herzka). The Rav and Rebbetzen are blessed with many children and grandchildren.

Rabbi Eisenman looks forward to meeting and greeting you in person.
He can be reached at or at the shul office, 973-777-5929, ext. 1

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784